Easter Egg within Google Chrome

Tuesday, September 9. 2008

Type "about:internets" in the address bar to show this Easter Egg :-)

Besides the previous mentioned "about:memory" page, there are actuall much more "about:" pages within Google Chrome which could give many internal information of the browser.

  • about:memory
    Show a detailed memory usage report of ALL running browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, safari). And also contain the memory usage report on every web page currently showing on Google Chrome
  • about:stats
    Shhh! This page is secret!
    This page shows a lot of performance counter and statistics of internal objects. Such as the V8 Javascript engine, History engine, Gears ...etc
  • about:network
    This page give you some options to perform Tracking and Profiling on the network. By using the I/O Tracking function, you could see how a web page is loaded.
  • about:histograms
    This page shows some statistics of internal objects in the form of histogram
  • about:dns
    This page is about the internal DNS object. It shows what hostname will be prefetch its DNS record when startup. Prefetch DNS record should give a better loading speed for frequently visit sites. 
  • about:cache
    It will list out all objects that saved in Google Chrome's cache. It shows the full URL of each cached object, you can use the search function to find the object too. When click on a cached object, Chrome will show you the object's HTTP response header followed by the hex-dump of the object.
  • about:crash
    Try it yourself :-D
  • about:plugins
    Shows every plugins supported by Google Chrome and its status
  • about:version
    The version you are using


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