Goodbye Xandros


Goodbye Xandros

Wednesday, September 24. 2008

Having used the origin Xandros Linux on my EeePC 701 for 10 months, I have to say goodbye to it finally. 

On boot-up performance, Asus really did a good job on customizing the Xandros Linux. However, this also limited the power of it.

In searching the new OS for my EeePC, EeeUser should be a good place to start with. Among the customized EeePC distributions, three of them draw my attention, they are:



By using unetbootin, it is just a 3-click process to create a bootable SD card from the liveCD image. No more burning of CD-Rs :-) and make testing and switching between distribution become easy.

After playing the three liveCD for a short while, below is my short comment for each distribution:



  • it combines Ubuntu 8.04 with Enlightenment

  • fancy desktop

  • the slowest among the 3 distro



  • Xubuntu 7.10 based

  • clean and familarized UI

  • fastest among the 3 dirstro


Ubuntu EEE

  • Ubuntu 8.04 based with Netbook Remix interface

  • a bit slower then eeeXubuntu




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