Jaunty Jackalope on EEEPC 701

Thursday, May 7. 2009

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix on the 701, except the mic and sound are not working, all others seems fine.

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Goodbye Xandros

Wednesday, September 24. 2008

Having used the origin Xandros Linux on my EeePC 701 for 10 months, I have to say goodbye to it finally. 

On boot-up performance, Asus really did a good job on customizing the Xandros Linux. However, this also limited the power of it.

In searching the new OS for my EeePC, EeeUser should be a good place to start with. Among the customized EeePC distributions, three of them draw my attention, they are:


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N10, the next generation of netbook from Asus

Friday, August 22. 2008

A French site posted an exclusive report on the upcoming Asus netbook N10.

The design seems to be an evolution from the EeePC series, but looks more professional.

From the photos, it seems N10 contain features more than a netbook should be:
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • HDMI connector
  • ExpressCard slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker system from Altec Lansing

Exclusive Photos of the Non-N10 Asus Eee PC Notebook
Exclu : ASUSTeK N10, le Netbook Ultime ?

Wednesday, August 20. 2008

今日無意中在 Google中 search "eee download"發現了一個 eeedownload.asus.com的 website.於是即刻 click入去睇睇有乜野可以 download. 原來可供下載的 program 也不少, 像有  GIMP, Inkscape, MPlayer, Kaffeine Player, Audacity, zsnes 等等...


Currently supports OS version 1.1 and up

:(  咁即係我的 701 用唔到

Use EeePC 701 to watch Digital TV channels in HK

Monday, August 4. 2008

Although the processing power of EeePC 701 is low, it should be able to watch H.264 SD Digital TV program in HK. Someone claims it runs smoothly using Windows. But it seems no one tried this on the Xandros Linux platform. The reason why the program provided by Asus cannot playback the H.264 SD TV programs is because the codec is missing (Asus choose not to include it into EeePC).

So, if I can get a H.264 decoder, then the Linux version of EeePC should be able to watch H.264 SD programs too. After asking Google, I found that the VLC media player has build-in support for DVB. Thanks to FOSS :-)

Below shows the screen capture while watching TVB J2. I have use VLC's function to resize the screen output by half, such that I can watch the log and do the screen capture.

Watching TVB J2 on Linux version of EeePC 701

The sound is smooth but the screen sometimes slow/lag.

But for ATV channels, only sound is coming out. :-(

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My Cinema-U3100Mini/DMB-TH on EeePC 701

Sunday, August 3. 2008

Without any changes to the EeePC 701 Xandros Linux, Asus My Cinema-U3100 Mini/DMB-TH can scan out all 13 channels. However, only can playback the 4 basic channels (Jade, Pearl, Home and World). This is expected, as some news

already reported.

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Free WiFi in MegaBox

Monday, May 12. 2008
We can enjoy unlimited Wifi access in Megabox :-D
Free Wifi recovery disk

Tuesday, April 29. 2008

Thanks to the hard work of By install their recovery disk, I can get 2.3G of free SSD space out of my EeePC 701.

It is a brilliant idea to compress the content stored at the system partition which is read-only in the default setting. Such method is not new and is very common among LiveCDs. I don't understand why Asus didn't implement of such method to better utilize the small SSD space at the beginning.

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Next version of EeePC to include Intel-Atom and HSDPA

Monday, April 21. 2008

Luckily I read this article before buying the EeePC 900. If it really going to include Intel-Atom and built-in HSDPA module in Q3 2008. I better to stick with my current EeePC 701.

If the price of the next version is reasonable, than can have a better configuration. Otherwise, go back for a 900 and hopefully the price will be lowered :-P

EeePC 900 Available in HK on April 19

Tuesday, April 15. 2008

Oh ... While I still thinking what can I do with my EeePC 701. The 2nd generation EeePC 900 will be available in HK the coming weekend. It contain 20G SSDHD, 1G RAM, 8.9" 1024x600 LCD, the price is HK$3998 ($1000 more than EeePC 701), seems attractive.

PCM has a quick review on it:


Asus EeePC SDK

Monday, March 31. 2008

After a unreasonably long download time. I finially got the EeePC SDK from ASUS.

I installed the Xandros-OC Desktop to a VM created by VirtualBox with 4G disk space:

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RealPlayer 10 for Linux

Saturday, March 22. 2008

Although we can add the Codec to the build-in media player to play RV9 format, some real-media files still cannot play with the build-in player. Therefore, I installed the RealPlayer 10 for Linux.

However, the realplayer start with segmentation fault.

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