Easter Egg within Google Chrome

Tuesday, September 9. 2008

Type "about:internets" in the address bar to show this Easter Egg :-)

Besides the previous mentioned "about:memory" page, there are actuall much more "about:" pages within Google Chrome which could give many internal information of the browser.

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CJK font rendering of Google Chrome

Thursday, September 4. 2008

It seems to me that there is some problem (or a bug) with Google Chrome's font rendering engine.

Today when I test it with the KangXi Radicals page of Alan Wood's Unicode Resources, horizontal stroke is missing in some of the characters.

Horizontal stroke is missing in some of the CJK characters on Google Chrome

When I enlarge the font size the problem still there, happening on different characters.

I keep on change the font size larger until no missing stroke, guess how large the fonts need to be...

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SVG display problem on Google Chrome

Wednesday, September 3. 2008

It seems there is a bug on Google Chrome to display SVG graphics.

When I use it to display the "Timeline of web browsers" from Wikipedia, it does not show any scroll bar. Although you can use zoom-in/out, or drag the picture to display area out of the window, however it is not user-friendly. 

No scroll bars displayed for SVG graphics on Google Chrome (1583)

I have reported it to Google, and see whether it will be fix in future release or not.

First impression on Google Chrome

Wednesday, September 3. 2008

The Google Chrome just released today, so I installed it and have a try. The interface is quite simple, working fast and smoothly.

Among the new features, I like the Incognito mode the most. With Incognito mode, it will not leave any trace of websites you have visited. All cookies and browsing history will be deleted when the windows was closed. It would be useful for visit the online banking and shopping website, such that it would lower the chance for malware or other people to get your personal data.

Google Chrome running in incognito mode

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Google Chrome, a new web browser from Google

Tuesday, September 2. 2008

Google is about to release a new open-source web browser, Google Chrome on Sept 2 or 3, 2008.
To get more information on it, the 40 pages comic book is a good start point.

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